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Ayurveda Auf Dem Wasser – Alles Im Fluss

Ayurveda Auf Dem Wasser – Alles Im Fluss

Published by Wellnesslive, Spa Magazine, Germany

Go with the flow A river cruise on the Brahmaputra does not only give an insight into the pristine nature and culture of northern India, but also wellness for body and soul. It’s dark, warm and humid, the body drips fragrant oil, pressed by nimble hands that knead arms, chest, abdomen and legs. With eyes closed, you might think of four-armed Hindu god Shiva was here in person at work . Finally, we are in India where many things are possible. The sound of the engine and a slight wavering make a reverie. Oh, of course ! We are on the riverboat “Mahabaahu” the eight days of travelling on the mighty Brahmaputra in North East India. With the skillful hands of the therapist, the passengers enjoy various Ayurvedic therapies in the small ship’s spa. With massages for inner balance Each mystifying treatment caters to a person’s temperament and health. Infused with different Herbal Oils, the massages are carried out with two and four hands to restore inner balance, so that tension and pain disappear and new energies flow. Massage treatment with the help of Rice parcels for example take care of joint and muscle pain. For headaches, a Sirodhara treatment is advisable for the ones who suffer from Migraine , inflamation , eye and sleep problems, where in a long half hour hot oil from a terracotta pot, drip on the forehead. For the ones who suffer from heavy legs and aching feet, a foot acupressure is suitable which can be combined with a Pedicure if desired…

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