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The Escape Through The River Brahmaputra

The Escape Through The River Brahmaputra

Published by Harper’s Bazaar, Thailand

In brief, besides the explanation of the daily program and her life on board, the author made some important and very positive comments on the cruise operation as follows. On accommodation on the M V Mahabaahu, comparing to the other river cruises she had experienced, the Pandao cruises for example. The rooms on the M V Mahabaahu are larger with bay window giving the impression of large space. Also, the bathrooms are larger. This shows the attention to the comfort for guests. The swimming pool is of good size. The decks are very comfortable. The transfer from the cruise at the embarkation and disembarkation are very efficient and with great attention of the crew. The land management to bring the guests to each inland excursion is seamless and very well organized. The logistic management of the cruise is highly professional and the overall service meet the first class level thanks to Neena, the cruise director who is capable of leading a crew of 30 people to work perfectly and yield the best possible service guests can ask for. Neena is also an excellent yoga teacher. The lectures by Durgesh are also very informative with a nice surprise when all guests are to dress up in the traditional costume for the Assamese night. Regarding the catering, the food is all excellent, especially the gulab jammun, the best she has ever tasted. At the end of the article, the autohr has mentioned how wonderful her cruise experience had been during the cruise and how she wishes to come back again.

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