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Kerala River Cruise

Health & Spa

In order to experience the ancient holistic health practices which are still prevailing, we recommend the following off-board wellness experiences:

  • Yoga & Meditation for inner wellbeing – A professional Yoga master will demonstrate the basics.
  • Authentic Ayurveda: A traditional doctor, gives a talk on Ashtangahridayam – the practical, user friendly interpretation of  Ayurveda, compiled by the great Sage Vagbata that’s extensively used in Kerala.

The Vaidyars/ traditional Ayurveda practitioners of Kerala are proficient  in this most contemporary treatise of Ayurveda which many scholars consider an advancement over the earlier samhitas of Charaka and  Sushruta, the pioneers of Ayurveda. The medicines are hygienically prepared using the herbs locally available.

Guests can choose to get a massage recommended by a doctor.

Wellness programs available on board are:

  • Abhyangam – Oil massage all over the body. Good for muscular agility and easy joint movements. (60 minutes session).
  • Shirobhyangam  – Oil massage of head and shoulders. Good for movement of neck and shoulders. Also improves tranquillity. (30 minutes session).
  • Paadabhyangam – Oil massage of calf muscles and plantar region. Improves leg movement. Good for general health as plantar pressure points are activated. (45 minutes session).
  • Shirodhara – Pouring of oil in thin line on the forehead. Calms down the nerves. Brings tranquillity. Good for sleep and brain function. (45 minutes session).
  • Udvarthanam – Massage with herbal powder, which help in reducing excess fat. (60 minutes session).
  • Kateevasthi – Oil pool over the spine. Improves the health of back bones and spinal muscles. (45 minutes session).
  • Greevavasthi – Oil pool behind the neck. Improves the health of neck bones and muscles. (45 minutes to 1 hour session).
  • Januvasthi – Oil pool on knee. Improves the health of knee bones, muscles and ligaments. (45 minutes to 1 hour session).
  • Nasyam – Clearing of nasal track using herbal medicine (25 minutes session).
  • Kizhi – Massage for spine, joints and pressure points using heated NJAVARA rice of medicinal value /husk/herbal leaves bundled in small piece of muslin cloth (1 hour session).
  • Back massage (30 minutes session).
  • Head and Shoulder massage (30 minutes session).
  • Foot massage (30 minutes session).
  • Herbal face pack massage (60 minutes session).

Traditional  Fitness Practices:

Guests have the option of the following off-board activities 1.5 hours before breakfast:
  • Meditation
  • Essential Yoga Practices
  • Walk in the Morning
Ayurveda Shirodhara with milk Therapy Kerala





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