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Welcome to God’s Own Country – Kerala! When it comes to this gorgeous state in southern India the popular moniker is no exaggeration. Called by National Geographic as the Green Venice of the East, the bustling, palm lined, emerald waterways is a sight to behold!

To get to really know Kerala, one must first understand her waterways – the lifeline of the entire region. There’s no better way to enrich oneself than to truly comprehend the life of the people of the land. And what better way to visit them at close quarters than in awe-inspiring river cruise boats – it’s like having a moving home on the water!

From cruising in waterways separated from the Arabian Sea by narrow beaches to, cruising in canals 20 feet above the surrounding paddy fields and held together by dykes. From intricate narrow canals where the houses on the banks brush along the sides of the cruise boat to, vast open lakes with spectacular sunsets, the cruise is indeed breathtaking in its pristine yet bustling tropical, warm  waters!

7 night Cruise Itinerary

7 Nights North – South

Alleppey – Cochin
Starting from 2,090$

7 Nights South – North

Cochin – Alleppey
Starting from 2,090$

Why a 7-Day Journey?

If you’re looking to gain a unique insight into an under-explored side of Kerala, nothing comes close to a week-long cruising holiday through the backwaters. Most houseboats only offer a 2 – 3-night stay and even then, the cultural immersion is limited.

With this journey, we’ve created a route that allows travellers to truly understand what life in Kerala, especially by the backwaters, is really like. Throughout this holiday, travellers will be meeting locals who’ll be your guides for different aspects of the journey – this is immersive travel at its best.


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Other Itineraries

5 Nights North-South

Kochi – Changankari
Starting from 1,500$

2 Nights North-South

Thottappalli – Alleppey
Starting from 490$

5 Nights South-North

Changankari – Kochi
Starting from 1,500$

2 Nights South-North

Alleppey – Thottappalli
Starting from 490$