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Cruising through India and Bangladesh

The 23-night 24-day Saga of luxury and soft adventure charts five legendary unexplored Himalayan life forces of Brahmaputra—Jumna—Padma—Meghna—Hooghly through India and Bangladesh. These rivers offer rural and sub-urban ambiences with a colossal surge of waters in the confluence of Jamna and Ganga and further down at the convergence of Padma and Meghna and the hustlebustle of cities of Kolkata, Narayanganj and Dhaka in the glow of beautiful sunrises and sunsets and golden hours on crystal waters.

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An early morning wake up for an exciting boat safari. This day we sail in our tenders along the shores of Sundarbans, in the canals and creeks near The Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary for an hour and a half to catch wildlife (spotted deer, monkeys, wild boar, water monitor and birds) as it wakes up among the aerial roots of the mangrove mudflats. We return to MV Mahabaahu for breakfast as the ship sails through the estuary waters and reaches Jamtola Beach in the Bay of Bengal. We walk through the mangrove vegetation where the tiger plays hide and seek as it leaves behind ‘fresh pugmarks’.

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Guwahati, located on the banks of Brahmaputra river serves as a gateway to Northeast India, Guwahati sightseeing is an abode for tourists during the whole year. Having innumerable night music performances and heavenly temples, this place is a must go for every age group. Crammed with tourist hotspots, recreational centres, malls, places of religious significance, and other attractions, a tour to Guwahati has a lot to offer. Moreover, being a place which is rich in biodiversity and blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna, it is a great travel destination for all nature lovers.

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Dhaka, the bustling capital of Bangladesh, weaves a tapestry of rich history and vibrant modernity. As one of the world's most densely populated cities, Dhaka is a dynamic hub of cultural diversity, bustling markets, and historical landmarks. Colonial architecture, including the iconic Lalbagh Fort, coexists harmoniously with the energetic pulse of daily life. The city is renowned for its literary heritage, hosting the annual Ekushey Book Fair, and its lively festivals, with Durga Puja being a grand celebration. Dhaka invites exploration of its narrow lanes, flavorful street food, and the ever-evolving rhythm of a city that never sleeps.

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Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, is a vibrant city where history seamlessly merges with modernity. Nestled along the Hooghly River, Kolkata boasts colonial-era architecture, bustling markets, and a rich literary heritage. Known for the iconic Howrah Bridge and Victoria Memorial, the city's streets are alive with festivals, art, and delectable street food. Home to prominent thinkers like Rabindranath Tagore, Kolkata's intellectual legacy resonates through its atmospheric coffee houses and historic book markets. From Durga Puja extravaganzas to the tranquility of the Maidan, Kolkata is a captivating tapestry of tradition, resilience, and dynamic energy.

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Assam Bengal Cruise




handicraft experience

The pottery and terracotta artisans, The cotton weavers of Pachalia, The muga-paat-eri silk weavers of Sualkuchi, The Jamdhani cotton designers, The idol makers of Kumartuli, The brass work and The bell metal cottage industry These are the cruise


The flower markets of Kolkata, The floating markets of Bangladesh, The vegetable and spice bazaars of Barisal, The fish auctions in Narayanganj,

HISTORICAL experience

Gurudwara Sikh Temple 1, Goaldi Mosque, Hati Kamrul Navratna Temple, Navratna Temple 4


Wildlife Spotting, Onboard Naturalist, Indian Sundarban National Park

MV Mahabaahu

Deck Plan & Facilities

The MV Mahabaahu cruise ship has been rated by the Travelinsider Magazine of Qantas Australian Airlines as being one of the Top Ten River Cruise Ships of the World and the overall cruise experience on the Brahmaputra River has been rated as one of Top Fifty Adventure Experiences of the World by the Sunday Times of UK. The cruise has also been the winner of the National Tourism Award, the Assam Tourism Award and twice the winner of the CNBC Travel Award. The cruise has also been featured in a one hour Dream Cruise program on the Nat Geo People Channel. Main Deck Restaurant Reception Bar & Lounge Fo’c’sle Area Deck I Cabins Swimming Pool Deck II Gym Sun Deck Open Bar Yoga Cabins 4 out of 5 decks are connected through passanger elevator It is a 23 cabin ship with four categories, a swimming pool, a proper boutique SPA, a passenger elevator through four of the five decks for elderly and differently abled, a restaurant, lounge, bar and a small open gym. The ship is a class certified vessel, operates with three engines and is a double bottom.


Cabins & Prices

Superior Cabin

Cabin with Large Glass Windows, Ideal for those who require a bit more space for those early morning stretches and views of the river from the windows.


/ Cabin / Night

Deluxe Cabin

Cabin With Private Balcony
Ideal for those who want their quiet time and private space to be coupled with gorgeous views of the river.


/ Cabin / Night

Luxury Cabin

Cabin With Private Balcony, It is equipped with all the amenities you could possibly require. Wake up to glorious views of the river and the sound of birdsong.


/ Cabin / Night

Suite Cabin

Cabin With Private Balcony
Spacious with its own cosy dining area coupled with a private balcony, our suite rooms are the epitome of luxury.


/ Cabin / Night



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