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Kerala River Cruise

Culinary Experience

Facilities on board

  • Well equipped kitchen managed by experienced Chef and service team.
  • Buffet Menu: Traditional Indian cuisines  Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food using locally available fresh products.
  • Beverages: Authentic Indian Wine and beer is available onboard – prior notice is required.
  • A special chef’s meal is arranged serving Kerala Cuisine with fresh catch of seafood in a traditional style on a banana leaf.


Kerala is the land of spices for which Christopher Columbus, Vasco DaGama and many great explorers sailed from Europe to discover and trade with this land thus, discovering half of this world. The spices are the greatest flavours that can be tasted in any of the world cuisines and the journey through the Backwaters is a voyage of discovering the way these spices make one’s experiences of the palate a completely new adventure, which is completely life changing on how one will enjoy one’s food after this journey!


Tapioca Biriyani Kerala Food
Kappa (Tapioca), elevated and stuffed to the brim with traditional biriyani ingredients, spices and techniques, is among the tastiest delicacies that God’s Own Country has to offer. One must just wait for the first bite to enjoy the spicy mix, with a high number of natural ingredients highlighting the entire experience.


Aviyal Dish Kerala
It is usually a regular side dish at most meals across God’s Own Country because at its core, it can be made anywhere and at any time, using any set of vegetables available in the pantry. It is also a part of Sadya, the traditional vegetarian feast of Kerala. The recipe below will help you bring to life a staple in every Kerala household.

Fish Moiley

Fish Moiley Kerala Cruisine
A dish with origins that can be traced back to Portugal, Fish Moilee is a spicy and delicious fish preparation that has fans world over. The Kerala version of this preparation has a creamy richness to it that will drown your taste buds in irresistible flavours.


Sadya Kerala Cuisine
Sadya is a feast encompassing the length and breadth of vegetarian cuisine. Its spread can go up to 28 dishes at a time.
Traditionally, Sadya is served on a plantain leaf, with the tapering side of the leaf pointing to the left of the guest.

Banana Fritters

Banana Fritters Kerala Cruisine
Crispy, sizzling hot Pazhampori or Banana Fritters are among the most loved evening snacks in Malayali households.. The delicious and fresh banana, soaked in a silky crunchy batter, makes for an absolutely amazing and quick snack.

Puttu & Chickpea curry

Puttu And Kadala Curry Kerala Cuisine
Puttu is made by steaming rice flour along with grated coconut in a Puttu Kudam, a cylindrical container. Kadala curry is made by cooking soaked black channa (Bengal gram) with chopped onion, spices and tomatoes.





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