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A Passage To India

A Passage To India

Published by Australian Doctor, Australia

A cruise along the Brahmaputra River is a treat for wildlife enthusiasts and tea lovers. As the sun breaks over the far horizon and dew still hangs onto the long grassy stalks of the open plain, we swish our way towards a shape only our mahout, or elephant handler, can see. Our elephant approaches fearlessly and there, right in front of us and within a thick vegetation patch, a mother and baby rhino are having a succulent breakfast of wet grass. This elephant safari at Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India is part of the daily shore excursions undertaken from the comforts of our river cruiser, the MV Mahabaahu, plying the Brahmaputra River. We were to spot dozens more rhinos and later on, from a jeep safari, deer, wild boar and giant hornbills appeared as if on cue. Originating in the Himalayas and finally plunging into the Bay of Bengal, the Brahmaputra courses through the length of Assam bringing with its waters all the blessings of good soil, easy irrigation and good fishing, together with the perils of floods that oftentimes decimate the area…

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