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Watching Ancient Dances and Rituals

Watching Ancient Dances and Rituals

Watching Ancient Dances and Rituals

From folk dances to ancient rituals, on our cruising holiday we make sure our travellers experience the truly unique side of Kerala.

We visit an ancient sacred grove where serpents are worshipped. Guests are allowed to walk inside and even see the rituals going on. We also watch traditions and rituals performed in a different way, through the medium of dance. Guest get to watch Kaikottikali, a folk dance performance heralding the onset of Onam, Kerala’s biggest festival.

Of course, no trip to Kerala is complete without watching a Kathakali performance. You’ll recognise this one from the photos. Kathakali is traditional dramatic and mimetic dance form, which plays stories from epics. It is a unique blend of dance, music, action, literature and make-up.

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