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The Rituals of a New Born in Kerala

The Rituals of a New Born in Kerala

Naming ceremony of babies

In Kerala the naming ceremony of a new born is auspicious and performed on the 27th day of birth for baby boys and 28th day for baby girls.

A black thread or silver or golden chain is tied around the baby’s waist on this day. The black thread bearing sanctified ring made of five different metals is supposed to protect the baby from evil spirits..

Baby is given herbal bath. Home-made Kohl is applied in the eyes and eyebrows and on the on cheek asymmetrically to ward off the evil eyes.

At an auspicious hour in the morning, after prayers, the father sits on the floor in front of a lit oil lamp, carries the baby in his arms and whisper the name in the right ear 3times, covering the left ear with a beetal leaf.The same procedure is repeated with the left year.

The grand parents and uncles take part in the ceremony and bless the baby, showering with dress, ornaments and toys.

Choroonu – 1st meal of the baby

The babies are fed with solid meal by their 6th month of birth, when parents take the blessings for the child to have food and stay healthy throughout the lifetime.

The ritual is generally performed in te temple on an auspicious day and time. The baby is given herbal bath and taken to the nearby temple for worship.

The father or grandfather of the baby sits of the floor on a wooden seat and hold the baby in the lap, facing the east, and supplicate for the baby to be blessed with prosperity and good health.Then sanctified rice is offered to the baby as the 1st meal of life. As part of the ritual, the parents treat the devotees of the temple with Sadya(Traditional meal with rice, vegetarian dishes and dessert).
The proper feeding of the baby with normal meal start only after performing this ritual by the 6th month of birth.

Vidyarambham – initiation to the world of learning

The ritual of leading the children to the world of letters is performed between 3-5years of age. This ritual is usually performed at the temples of mythological Goddess of Wisdom – Saraswathi. The ritual involves the invocation of Lord Ganpati and Goddess Saraswati on the tongue of the child using a golden ring and making them write the invocation on a bed of rice or sand using their right index finger.

This ritual is performed in all the temples of Goddess on the 10th day of Dusshera, in September/October.

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