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The MV Mahabaahu – A Class Apart

The MV Mahabaahu – A Class Apart

Of all the boats that may ever ply the mighty Brahmaputra river, none stands out as much as the MV Mahabaahu. The stately vessel has welcomed and hosted numerous travellers on its decks and given them an Indian luxury river cruise experience that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Designed with the comfort and convenience of its passengers in mind, the Mahabaahu is a beautiful vessel that allows people to relax and enjoy the sights and experiences that the various cruise routes have on offer.

So why exactly should you choose the Mahabaahu?

● Commitment to Encountering Local Wildlife: Built high, with 5 decks where the various amenities are spread across, the ship has a higher profile, which allows for excellent views and vistas, and the elevation comes especially useful when spotting wildlife. It is also equipped with two tender boats with armchairs so that the passengers can board and disembark the vessel in ease and comfort. Try and see if you can spot the Big 6!

● Comfort and Accessibility: With elevator access covering four out of the five decks, passengers have easy access to their suites and all the other luxuries

MV Mahabaahu Luxury with Balcony Cabin

● Spacious Rooms with Views: The ship boasts 23 cabins, with two suites, two luxury cabins, seven deluxe cabins, and 12 superior cabins. Each of them is spacious and well outfitted and offer amazing views of the passing riverbanks

● Amenities: The well-equipped bar and lounge carry all the liquid amenities that you’ll need to keep your spirits up. And if you want to calm down with a good book, you can always avail the services of the library, which carries fiction and non-fiction books that are connected to the river, and the cultures that it encounters.

MV Mahabaahu Interior Spa Massage

● Onboard Salon and Spa: If your chin is feeling a little scraggly, or you feel that you could do with a new look, the onboard salon and barber will accommodate your needs. When you feel that the exterior is fine, and you want to focus on healing or rejuvenating the inside, the spa will welcome you into another world of bliss and relaxation. With a jacuzzi, a steam room, and a sauna to take advantage of, you will only be taken further into pleasure by the skilled masseurs in the treatment room

MV Mahabaahu Exterior Swimming Pool (8)

● Onboard Pool: If you want to relax outside on the deck, there are armchairs a- plenty, and you can sit and relax with a drink, or even go for a dip in the onboard swimming pool
● Outstanding Crew and Hospitality: The well-trained crew is bursting in hospitality and eagerness to ensure that you have an absolutely amazing experience onboard


● Immersive On Board Experiences: There is a profusion of activities conducted onboard to stimulate every aspect of travelling experience. Enjoy the sounds of local musicians who will come on board to serenade you into the night. Taste the delicacies that the region has to offer with live demonstrations of cooking onboard. Immerse yourself in the traditions and ways of the local people on the cultural night, where you can dress in local attire, and join the festivities as you dance and sing into the dawn. For those of a quieter inclination, you can always entertain yourselves with the numerous board games that are kept on board, in addition to a fully equipped snooker table for you to enjoy. Click here to read more about our onboard experiences!

● Off the Beaten Path Off Board Adventures: Immerse yourself in the luxury river cruise, and relax into the sublime beauty of the riverside. You can visit friendly tribal villages, cultural bastions of performing arts, artist villages, learn the lore behind majestic temples, explore vibrant wildlife sanctuaries and lush green tea estates. Don’t forget the yoga and bonfires on untouched islands in the middle of the river. Assam is also the land of the most remarkable festivals. And you can brave all these experiences secure in the knowledge that you will return to rest in the lap of absolute luxury onboard the Mahabaahu. There is no end to the quality of experiences and services travellers can experience on board. For you to really get of a sense of exactly how magical the MV Mahabaahu journey is, you’ll have to just meet us on board.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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