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The River Brahmaputra – What it Means to Assam

The River Brahmaputra – What it Means to Assam


A mighty river is like a beautiful love letter with expressions of passion and romance in each of its ebb and flow. And what can be a better example than the river Brahmaputra! The river is a flowing example of constant life filled with scenic and spiritual beauty while brilliantly highlighting the environmental fragility for its surrounding flora and fauna. As gently it flows into the hearts of the Assam basin into the vastness of the surrounding oceans. We watch the rising & falling of its tide in its horizon as an eternal reminder of the cycle of life.

Majuli Island

Life in Majuli Island

In the course of a journey through Assam from east to west, there are a large number of tributaries joining this mighty river. The Brahmaputra river basin hosts amazingly rich and unique biodiversity. The whole of the northeastern region is a globally recognized biodiversity hot-spot. Brahmaputra river basin is known to be prone to floods and erosion and these two hazards have led to recurring problems in the basin. Assam faces the most severe brunt of flood and erosion year after year. This natural calamity has been severely affecting the economy as well as the political, social and cultural milieu of Assam. Yet the people of Assam continue to revere the river while praying at its banks for all the blessings the river bestows unto them. The Brahmaputra isn’t just a river finding its course through the rich land of the one-horned rhino. It is a song that plays on the lips of its surrounding village of Majuli. The singers of Majuli are kirtan singers who pray to its eternal force of life-giving succour, the very essence of the deep-rooted Assamese natives.

Their melodies are among the many experiences you can savour on one of our luxury river cruises.

Yoga on the uninhabited islands of Brahmaputra

One of the finest experiences on the Brahmaputra River without a doubt is on an MV Mahabaahu cruise. Get rejuvenated with the extremely calming Yoga sessions on the untouched and uninhabited islands as you go. The cruise director Neena Morada loves the fact that the landscape of the river is always changing – an island that was there on the upstream cruises evolves and changes shape on the way back. This ever-evolving route is one of her favourite things about the ship. They also stop on these uninhabited river islands at night for a bonfire on the beach. One can spot river dolphins from the ship in the river and also see swimming elephants if they’re lucky!

As the most famous singer of the land, Bhupen Hazarika, sang to his beloved river:

Shwakiya roop loi Bohag nu aahe koloi… Brahmaputrar dui paroloi nohoy jaanu.. Ei Brahmaputrar mahan Oitijyoy ba ki?

Which means: Bohag (The festival of harvest) has come here with this feeling of ownership….Isn’t it beautiful for both banks of the Brahmaputra…But what is this the profound existence of Brahmaputra?

The Brahmaputra is fury, kindness & benevolence- all-encompassing in its primal nature. As it flows through the bamboo forests of Assam, it has its moods of meanderings. Just like a woman, it bestows kindness in its agriculture and in its fury it brings devastation to the entire region. No wonder then that the mystical yet riveting Brahmaputra has always been looked up as a metaphor in literary works of the majority of writers and poets. As a luxury river cruise company, we endeavour to provide you with a sublime experience.

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