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Sit Back, Relax And Watch India Unfold

Sit Back, Relax And Watch India Unfold

Published by The Telegraph, UK

A Flash of pink caught my eye and then another, gone in a nanosecond. It was a river dolphin, a notoriously shy species quite different from it’s ocean-going relatives. While the latter are grey and playful and seem to relish jumping through a ship’s wake, the river dophin has a pinkish hue, a long snout and seeks seclusion. During a one-week cruise on the Ganges river, I Spotted just one of them.

Happily, my other experiences aboard Ganges Voyages were less fleeting. Over seven days we rode in horse-drawn carts and trishaws(a pedal bike with a cart behind) and visited crumbling mosques and impressive temples in towns where our arrival drew bigger crowds than a Beyonce Concert.


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