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Abenteuer Assam

Abenteuer Assam

Published by Reise & Urlaub, Germany

For a long time, there was no big boat traveling on the Brahmaputra- now travels the MV Mahabaahu on the wildest rivers of India.

Sometimes the bamboo stick decides the course. If the Brahmaputra carries little water and the alluvial sand fairway has changed, the men from the Marker boat crafts the shallows and points the way to the Captain. With practiced hands, they let the Bamboo pole into the waves to measure the water level of the river by its mark.

Pankaj Kumar Das needs at least Eight feet – about 2.50 meters’ depth of water for his ” MV Mahabaahu” for him to control on the Brahmaputra. For the 42 – year-old who on the River Cruise ship is called the Master and not the Captain, occasionally determines the depth with the bamboo stick is not an alarm. Quite the contrary, “I love this alternation” says the big, burly Man who prefers the casual Coveralls and stands on the bridge…

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