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Assam: Extraordinary Little-Known Travel Destination In India

Assam: Extraordinary Little-Known Travel Destination In India

Published by eTurboNews, USA

(eTN) – Assam is a little-known Indian destination full of charm and attractions. Starting from the Brahmaputra River running through it, the area is defined by origin, size and the course of this mighty river.

Among the emerging tourist destinations, Assam – the largest of the states of northeast India – is emerging on the world map as a true travel destination thanks to its rich history, art, culture, nature and the innate reception propensity of its inhabitants.

The Brahmaputra River stands out above all the major attractions in Assam for its irrepressible force, and for being a generator of life and death.

In the countries crossed by the Brahmaputra – Tibet, India, and Bangladesh – the river is named: Tsangpo, Brah, and Jammu – three names, three countries, three religions, only one river. It is a mythological source hidden among the glaciers of one of the most sacred parts of the world….

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