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A Real Taste Of Assam

A Real Taste Of Assam

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Tea and tiger spotting are all part of an unforgettable river adventure on India’s Brahmaputra

An early morning mist shrouds the distant Himalayas as I step out on deck. It is already warm, and villagers are up and about tending to cattle tethered beneath shady trees and washing clothes in the water beside the river bank. Children wave excitedly when I appear, and their parents glance up and smile before carrying on with their chores.

On the water a vast raft made of lashed together bamboo poles drifts slowly past in what is a model of sustainability. The woody stems multi-task as both the mode of transport, goods being carried and method of steering as two men on each side use long poles to propel it along. On top is a makeshift shelter for their wives and children and our guide, who comes out on deck to take a look, tells me it will take them days to reach their destination.

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