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Eco-Friendly Mark

Eco-Friendly Mark

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At the end of your journey, to honour your cruise with us, we plant a coconut sampling for the village. The coconut tree is considered as the ‘Kalpavriksha ‘ or divine tree of Kerala. Every part of the coconut tree is useful in different ways andrikofarmakeio.com. Coconut water is a healthy drink; the white meat is the edible and inevitable component of every cuisine; fiber from the coconut husk is used to make coir, mats, and geotextile; Coconut leaves are used for thatching. The wood is good for furniture. All dried parts make good firewood.

Guests also get the opportunity to interact with toddy tappers as they clamber up and down coconut trees as they have been doing for centuries. You may sample a sip of toddy. Watch your step as you return back onboard – this is a potent local beverage!

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