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The Escape: Cruising Along Assam’s Idyllic Brahmaputra River

The Escape: Cruising Along Assam’s Idyllic Brahmaputra River

Published by Harper’s BAZAAR, Singapore
Welcome to adventure cruising in remote India, a journey that assails your senses with fresh conundrums every day. There are many dilemmas facing today’s traveller: Is my carbon footprint light enough? Are local people benefitting from my visit? Am I respecting the culture? So perhaps it wasn’t so surprising, as we drive towards.......

Tiger Tales

Tiger Tales

Published by Cruise Passenger Magazine, Australia
Five years ago, a Bollywood movie about a romance in the Mediterranean turned Indians into cruise fans. Up until now, they have mostly done fly-cruises around Singapore and Europe, but India is now developing its very own cruise industry.



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