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TOFT Outstanding Practice Eco PUG Ranking

On August 21st 2018, MV Mahabaahu receives the Outstanding Practice Eco Pug Ranking.



Mission Statement

As part of our M V Mahabaahu commitment to responsible tourism practices, we are Wildlife River Cruise Ship provider member of the Travel Operators for Tigers campaign (TOFTigers).

TOFTigers is a global travel industry initiative which aims to advocate, catalyse and support a more responsible and sustainable approach to wildlife tourism in India and Nepal’s Tiger Reserves. Its objective is to support specific conservation and local community projects which benefit the local villagers and the wildlife within the parks you visit as part of your stay with us.

As part of this campaign we have been environmentally ranked through a process called the PUG audit, and ranked as an Outstanding Practice Certification provider, in our operational practices, the highest PUG ranking.

This allow visitors to rest assured that your visit to M V Mahabaahu in Kaziranga Tiger Reserve is enjoyed in a River Cruise Ship that makes sustainable development, environmental and socio-cultural issues our prime priority, and endeavour to be both environmentally innovative and socially responsible. The ranking illustrates that we have made a positive impact on the environment, on support for our local community, and on the experiences of our clients. The PUG audit team recognizes that we are continuously working to better our operations and enhance our sustainability, with our management being knowledgeable about key issues. Finally we work hard to maintain our status as exemplary industry leaders, so that others can learn from us.

For further details on this certification please view this website : www.toftigers.org





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