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Experience ‘Wild India’ On New Safari And River Cruise Package

Experience ‘Wild India’ On New Safari And River Cruise Package

Published by Where Wild Things Roam, Australia

Stay amongst the treetops like the ‘Jungle Book’ character, Mowgli, on the lookout for India’s rarest animals and cruise along the remote and sacred river of Brahmaputra as part of a new river cruise package to the sub-continent in 2019.

Released by Australia’s Cruise Traveller in partnership with Indian river cruise company, Adventure Resorts and Cruises (ARC), the 19-night ‘Wild India’ package in April 2019, links a 12-night land exploration of some of India’s best wildlife sanctuaries with a seven-night cruise on the remote Brahmaputra River in Assam, a culturally intact region in far-north-east India that sees few tourists but boasts so much wildlife it is known as the ‘Serengeti of India’.

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