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The Assam Tea Trail in India with MV Mahabaahu

The Assam Tea Trail in India with MV Mahabaahu

India’s Tea Trail is fast gaining a very wide audience across the world.

People from around the globe travel to India and many have enjoyed the beautiful and luscious green tea gardens of the country.

At Adventure Resorts and Cruises, we’ve gathered a good amount of experience taking people through the Tea Trail that runs through Assam, West Bengal in the East and through Kerala in the South.

Take a look at what you can expect!

While the tea trade and large tea plantations in India came about because of the East India Company and the British rule, they’re now an integral part of our lives and deserve their time in the sun.

Since across most of India, tea is traditionally had with milk and sugar, a trip across the Tea Trail is the perfect opportunity for exposure to different lifestyles and stories that have developed because of the trade.

Most visitors, foreign tourists, and locals love the The ‘Masala Chai’ made with cardamom and cinnamon for its intoxicating aroma and refreshing flavours.

Tie that in with the health benefits and a visit through India’s tea gardens becomes a sensory and

Growing interest in Eastern travel and tea varieties has put a clear focus on the different kinds of tea that people can consume. health delight for travellers.

It’s a perfect getaway for someone who’s looking to escape from the hustle of urbanisation to being disconnected in the middle of breathtaking landscapes.

When aboard the M.V. Mahabaahu cruise, you’ll get a chance to walk amongst the best tea estates of Assam with the aroma and the surreal beauty of the green expanse at your disposal.

One of our key stops, for instance, is at the Koliabor Tea Estate. Planted in 1856, Koliabor is one of the oldest tea estates in Assam and strategically placed off the Silghat port on the mighty Brahmaputra.

Other activities on the Tea Trail include:

  • Nature walks
  • Treks and long-distance hikes
  • Tea plucking
  • A visit to the local tea factories
  • Docent tours of the tea gardens and estates

And since Koliabor is so close to Kaziranga, expect frequent visits from wild elephants, boars, and plentiful rare birds!

This is a corner of India that is still tucked away in retreat and serenity. Just the effortless breathing will make the visit worthwhile!

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